High Lift Jack Mounts for Jeep Wrangler JK (2007-2018)

Because there's more than one way to carry a jack... we compared the more popular High Lift Jack mounts for the 2007-2018 Jeep Wrangler JK)

Our Top High Lift Jack Mount Picks

Image of Rugged Ridge Jack Mounting Bracket ► Tailgate Mount Rugged Ridge Jack Mounting Bracket
Image of Hi-Lift Jack Roll Cage Mount for Jeep JK ► Rear Cage Mount Hi-Lift Jack Roll Cage Mount for Jeep JK
Image of EAG Jack Mount Hood or Door Hinge Mount ► Hood or Door Mount EAG Jack Mount Hood or Door Hinge Mount
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If you are found of Overlanding or hunting then a high lift jack is your necessity and you also need a jack mount to carry it with the wrangler. Because no one has control over his life and things. One faces many situations in his life that he does not want to come across. People who are keen on adventure and off-roading usually face such situations. Therefore, they must have proper tools with them so they can get help from gadgets in an emergency.

People who do not have suitable pieces of equipment on an adventurous journey usually face problems on their trip. Therefore, it is best to keep all the necessary tools in a journey. Here we specially discuss the importance of the Jeep wrangler high lift jack mount. Because if you are planning to for overlanding, you must have a jack mount so you can carry your high lift jack with you without any hassle. We also recommend you the best possible jeep jack mount that meets your needs.

There are a lot of benefits of the Jeep Wrangler high lift jack mount. People who use these mounts in overlanding can save much space in their Jeep that they can utilize for other things. Good quality jack mount also gives an excellent look to your wrangler Jeep.

Reason to Buy High Lift Jack Mount

It is vital to know the reasons to buy a high lift jack mount. There are many reasons and advantages of using it. While going for overlanding, people have much luggage to survive in severe conditions. But if they have a high lift jack in their Jeep, it occupies a lot of precious space. Therefore, they want to buy a good quality mount that can help them in carrying the jack on the front or rear bumper.

There are also many Jeep wrangler high lift jack mounts that you can use on the hood hinge or the door hinge. It totally depends on your choice that at what place you want to mount the jack. But before buying we should make sure that the mount you are looking to buy can fit for your Jeep Wrangler JK.

What to Consider Before Buying

Few things are essential to consider before buying a mount. Here we discuss some of the important factors that users must ponder because these help them to make the right decision.

Where to Mount Hi-Lift Jack

There are many kinds of hi-lift jack mount available in the market but you should make sure that it is fit for your Jeep wrangler. Because there are also many available which are not suitable for your 4×4. Common mounting points of the JK high lift jack mount are hood, bumper, inside the truck, roof rack and roll cage. It is best to make sure that the accessories with the mount or bracket can fit for your high lift jack and Jeep.

Some people also want to mount the jack under the body but we do not recommend you to do it with your Jeep wrangler high lift jack. Because it is possible that your Jeep is stopped in mud, in such case you can’t grab your jack.

One more issue is the fear when your jack is outside of the truck is the corrosion that can also jam your high lift jack. To avoid this problem you should also carry anti-rust spray with you during the trip. To avoid this situation, you should choose a hi-lift jack mount that can be used inside of the roof. Because most of the Jeep Wrangler JK high lift jack mount only fit to roof racks, bumper and doors.

Material Used

It will be best if you consider the material of the hi-lift jack mount because some material is easily susceptible to rust compared to others. As plain steel will corrode early than stainless steel and aluminum. So, you should prioritize the stainless steel or aluminum while buying any Jeep wrangler JK high lift jack mount. You can also use powder coating to avoid it from corrosion. If there is plain steel used in your Jeep wrangler high lift jack mount then, it is best to paint it to combat rust.

Types of Locks

There are different types of mounts and some have the ability to lock while some do not have this ability. Therefore, they have a knob lock or use a small padlock. You should also make sure that the knob used is of a reputed brand because products of good companies are long-lasting and weather resistant.

When you buy a cheap padlock for a hi-lift jack, there can be an issue of rusting. You should be careful while choosing the type of jack mount. Because if you do not give importance to the locks, it might loosen your high lift jack.

Our Favorite High Lift Jack Mounts of 2024!

Rugged Ridge Jack Mounting Bracket Image

Rugged Ridge Jack Mounting Bracket

★★★★★ (4.7)

This JK high lift jack mount attaches to the spare tire holder on 2007-18 jeep wranglers. If we talk about its placement, it puts the jack out of the way so you do not face any inconvenience in viewing. While in the case of the hood mount, the view is somehow compromised. Another big advantage of this that it is easy to put on and take off without disturbing the paint of the jeep.

If we discuss its outer side, it is with a wrinkled black powder coat finish that is stiff. So you do not need to worry, it can withstand for a long time. Most people like it due to its mounting system. The load of the jack is on the brackets. Therefore, there is not much load on the bolts that hold the jack.

This mount is also well suited for stock and bumpers that do not have a tire carrier. It is also best to match with the Rugged Ridge XHD rear bumper whether it has a tire carrier or not. The length of the jack is 48-inches and it will go above the roofline of our JK by few inches. If there is a tight path then there can issue of shoots catches the jack. However, it is not a big problem and you do not face it on established tracks.

It can be mounted with factory hinges, also used with factory bumpers and aftermarket bumpers that do not have tire carriers. It is fit for most of the off-road style jacks and you get 5 years of warrant of it.

Primary Benefits

You can use this jack mount with a 35-inches tire. Manufacturers say that you can use it up to 37-inches tires with some minor changes. However, one thing you should keep in mind that the weight should not more than 50 lbs. Some people also reporting that they do not face any issue by using it for larger tires. However, make sure that the tire carrier is in good shape.

Most of the time people face less cargo space especially when the JK high lift jack mount takes most of the space. To avoid this storage issue, you should install a rugged ridge off-road jack mount on the rear bumper of your wrangler Jeep. A bracket is used to lock the jack in two different positions to eliminate any vibration. It also has a quick release knob that facilitates the user in quick attachment and removal.


  • Fits 2009 – 2018 Wrangler JK
  • Solid and sturdy bracket mount
  • Easy to attach and detach
  • 5-years warranty
  • Paint is tough and durable
  • Locked are secured


  • Instructions are not beneficial
  • Not protected from mud or dirt.
Omotor Hi Lift Jack Mount Hood Image

Omotor Hi Lift Jack Mount Hood

★★★★★ (4.6)

There are many advantages of this Jeep Wrangler JK high lift jack mount. One of the most important thing that is its high usability. Auxmart off-road jack mounting bracket allows you to mount it in the existing hood hinges of the Jeep. It also ensures the safety of the jack in two points on the hood of the Jeep. Thus, you will get stable mounting that does not loosen whether you use it on uneven terrains.

If we discuss its construction, you never feel any fault because it is expertly constructed from high-quality steel materials. That is the reason for its strength, toughness and neat look. Textured black powder coating is used to protect it from rust and corrosion. Therefore, you do not need to worry about its wear and damage.

It has a flexible design, in which slotted bolt holes accommodate common style jacks with high lift. You can directly mount it with your existing hood joints holes. This mounting spot is very much liked by the user because it is always visible and out of the way.

When we consider the installation of this JK high lift jack mount, it has a very simple and easy installing mechanism. You should bolt the brackets with the existing hole on the hood of the Jeep. So, there is no drilling, cutting or any other such type of action required. All the necessary mounting hardware is provided with the package.


Primary Benefits

There are a lot of benefits of this mount bracket. You can use it for different Jeep Wangler high lift jack. The material used is of high quality. You do not need to modify or make any change, only bolt the bracket with the existing holes. Powder coating is used to save it from any type of damage.

You can use it for many models of wrangler Jeep that is the main reason for its high demand. You also no need to worry about loosing while using this mount bracket. The bracket comes with three sets of screws for different models.


  • Fits 2009 – 2018 Wrangler JK
  • Lockable Design
  • Easy to install
  • Sturdy and long-lasting
  • Uses with existing holes


  • Issue of rust after years
  • Excess Vibration
Hi-Lift Jack Roll Cage Mount for Jeep JK Image

Hi-Lift Jack Roll Cage Mount for Jeep JK

★★★★★ (4.8)

This high lift JK jack mount is designed to attach to the jeep in a horizontal direction. It fits on the backside of the JK of a jeep wrangler. It has a convenient design for which you do not need any drilling. It fits directly to the tubing of the roll cage of the factory design of the jeep.

It is made up of aluminum, which is anodized to give it strength. It is a rust-free and durable product, which can last for a large span of time. Moreover, it gives a neat and awesome look to a jeep. Some users say that the color fades a little, however; aluminum is not going to be rusted and will last for a long time.

This is an economical model, which gives the best return of the price. It has an awesome cost-benefit over other parallel products. It gives satisfactory performance and a cozy look not covering too much space.

It has an easy installation, which needs no drilling or other operations, which may damage the body of the jeep. It just fits in the backside of the jeep and a person finds a lot of space to adjust on the backside of the jeep. It does not disturb the backside vision of the person.

This high lift jack mount has a firm grip on the jack and never gives tension of loss of jack. It firmly, tightly and securely holds the jack and never lets it to be dropped. There are lock washers and blots present along with the high lift mount, which support the easy fixation and removal of the jack from the socket. A small Velcro belt is also present with its package, which helps to hold the handle of the jack, tightly that stops the jack from slipping down.

This is model compatible with a large variety of Jeep JK models. It may find its capability with other models.

Primary Benefits

The primary advantages of this high lift jack mount are convenient installation and easy adjustment. It can be adjusted without any trouble and extra labor. Another advantage is the presence of structural aluminum which gives corrosion-free long-lasting and lightweight instruments.


  • Fits 2009 – 2018 Wrangler JK
  • The easy installation
  • Has no damage to jeep body
  • No drilling needed
  • Jack is easily accessible
  • Aluminum has stainless and long-lasting properties


  • The design prevents the use of socket and ratchet
  • There is little space between U-bolts
EAG Jack Mount Hood or Door Hinge Mount Image

EAG Jack Mount Hood or Door Hinge Mount

★★★★★ (4.6)

First, we discuss that for which models you can use it. Because it is the primary consideration for any buyer. You can use this for the 2007 to 2020 JK models jeep and also applicable for the JL wrangler jeep. It is made of good quality steel and is called a high-performance jack mount for jeeps.

The vital benefit of the EAG jack mount is its universal design. You can install it on the hood hinge, front and rear hinges. That is the main reason people like it. The overall weight of the kit is less than 2 lbs. There are two threaded knobs in the kit to tighten. It also has a handle isolator that is used to hold the jack to eliminate any movement. But one thing you should keep in mind that jack is not included in the kit.

Powder coating on the surface provides you lifetime resistance against wear. Foam rubber padded backplate protects the paint of the truck. The installation process is also very easy. Bracket mount to existing hood and door hinge holes so do not need for drilling. You should not need to worry about the safety of the mount whether you are climbing the rocks.

Primary Benefits

It is designed for the 2007 to 2020 jeep wrangler JK JL. Not exclusively designed for high lift jack. The main reason for likeliness is that it is easy to install and ability to mount on a hood hinge and front or back door hinge. So you do not require any drilling operation.

Slotted holes provided in it make it able to accommodate for most of the high lift jacks. And it is very easy to remove it.


  • Fits 2009 – 2018 Wrangler JK and 2019+ Wrangler JL
  • Inexpensive bracket
  • Durable and high quality
  • Used on door hinges or hood
  • Prevent vibration


  • Issue of rust
  • Bolts are short
AUXMART High Lift Jack Mount Rear Image

AUXMART High Lift Jack Mount Rear

★★★★★ (4.4)

This is an off-road jack mount that is attached to the outside of the vehicle. This high lift jack mount is easy to install without disturbing the glass and paint of the vehicle. It keeps the high lift jacks outside the vehicle and saves your precious space.  This is a strong, suitable, firm and reliable bracket, which holds the jack in two positions helping in the reduction of noise and violent vibrations while the vehicle is in motion.

This high lift jack mount has been designed to hold your jack firmly and steadily which removes your tension of falling down of the jack from the vehicle. You have to fix it to the jeep and remove your tensions however; the size of bolts provided may have variation from the size of holes present in your jeep.

This high lift jack mount is manufactured of an awesomely designed steel, which provides strength to this instrument.  This high lift jack is compatible with the stock of the vehicle and finds its compatibility with many of the backside bumpers present in the market. The thing you should remember is that the aftermarket bumpers should not have the carriers of the tires and some of the customers report that it crashes the tail lights due to improper adjustment of size.

This Wrangler JK off-road high lift jack mount has a good quality protective black powder coating on the body.  This coating protects the bracket of the jack from being rusted. This coating also protects from corrosive agents and saves the instrument from wear and tear. You can easily install this jack on the backside of your jeep. This high lift jack provides an excellent look to your jeeps, which makes it a perfect hillside-drive look.

There is a lot of problem in installations of the jack mounts, but with AUXMART high lift jack mount has a convenient installation method. It has an awesome bolt-on method for the installation of the jack mount to the jeep. You have to attach your mount once then it gives a quick and rapid way of mounting and removal of the jack from the stock. One thing that the manufacturer has not mentioned is the protection of its plastic cover. In its instruction manual, you will find that you should remove the external plastic cover, but you can easily adjust it by making holes for bolts in the cover which will give you an extra protection and a comfortable look.

Primary Benefits

The primary benefit of this high lift jack mount is the firm hold on the jack as it never lets the jack drop and it avoids the vibrations, rattles and noises created by the jack during the journey. It fits a variety of jacks to it. This High-lift jack mount fits to the jeep models of wrangler 2007-17 models. Its bracket fits the number of the jacks which are built on off-road style and is awesomely suitable for high lift jacks.


  • Easy installation
  • Firm grip on jacks
  • Holds a variety of jacks
  • Firm and strong
  • reduced vibration and noises during the journey


  • The manufacturer has not given complete instructions in detail
  • It has a possibility of crashing into the tailight of the jeep.

Our High Lift Jack Mount Recommendation

After reading the whole article, a user should be very much sure which jack mount is best for him. However, if you have a jeep JK we recommend to use Hi-Lift Jack RC-875 Roll Cage Mount because it is best suited in this case. Most of the customers are happy with this mount and recommend others to use it. However, if you are looking for a mount that you can use for different models of jeeps then, Auxmart high lift jack mount hood bracket is the best option for you.

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