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Our Top Subaru Outback Lift Kit Picks

Image of ReadyLIFT 2015-2019 SST Subaru Lift Kit ► Best Overall Subaru Outback Kit ReadyLIFT 2015-2019 SST Subaru Lift Kit
Image of Takeo Front Lift Kit For Subaru Outback ► Best Subaru Outback Leveling Kit Takeo Front Lift Kit For Subaru Outback
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Do you feel that your Subaru Outback is not in the perfect mood for the offroad? Or do you need more suspension for a smooth ride on any road? Then a suspension lift kit can be an ideal solution for this. Couldn’t find the perfect one for your Subaru Outback? In this case, we can surely help you!

We are here today for the review of Subaru Outback suspension lift kits. The lift kits will provide you the best quality suspension for your Subaru and offer you a comfortable journey.

Our market analysis team found the 5 best quality lift kits for Subaru Outback. To reduce your confusion, we have come up with a buying guide too.

Let’s find the perfect match for you!

Things To Consider Before Buying A Lift Kit For Subaru Outback

Lifting your car is not an easy task when you will get the perfect suspension feature for any other different roads. So, when you buy a lift kit for your Subaru, you should buy the best suspension lift kits.

However, choosing the best lift kits can be a challenge. Let’s see some vital factors:


If you look upon the lift kits’ benefits, you will first see that the kits allow extra ground clearance. Any rough, rocky, and sharpy road can damage the vital parts of the Subaru Outback. Your lift kits mainly protect the other crucial parts from nasty road jerking.

In offroading, it is a common phenomenon of damaging the vital parts of the Subaru. Lift kits make more suspensions to protect from jerking. So, it would help if you go for the best quality lift kits that give the Subaru Outback a perfect suspension.

Better Visibility

The lift kits should give a perfect height that helps you to et ideal vision from the windshield or windows. When traveling on the rough track, you need to get the ideal vision from inside the car.

Not only that, the better suspension gives extra power and confidence to overcome any terrain.

Braking System

Extra suspension height can damage the braking system. So, you need to be sure that your kits are friendly with the braking system. However, the Subaru needs more braking system when it gets more lifting.

Besides that, you can use an extra braking pad to fix the problem. But it would cost you extra money.


You will see that different types of prices are available for the lifting kits. Don’t go for the cheap product. It will damage your whole system.

Also, you should not purchase expensive and overrated products. Always you should select the lift kits that have great potential and features with the relevant pricing.


You will see that the good materials last for many years. As the lifting kits bear the weight and make the better suspension, they need to be made with proper materials.

If they are not, it will break down the system of the Subaru Outback. And it can damage or cause an accident at any time.

Our Favorite Subaru Outback Lift Kits of 2024!

ReadyLIFT 2015-2019 SST Subaru Lift Kit Image

ReadyLIFT 2015-2019 SST Subaru Lift Kit

★★★★★ (4.8)

  • Adaptability: Very compatible.
  • Quality: Highest standard maintained.
  • SST: 2.0″ SST lift kits.
  • Manufacturer: ‎ReadyLIFT
  • Allowance: Tire increment.

Price Tested: $383.45 USD

Are you searching for the overall best quality lift kits for your Subaru? Then, ReadyLIFT 2015-2019 SST Subaru Lift Kit is one of them. You can go for these fantastic kits blindly.

Other Subaru suspension lift kits are not the same as ReadyLIFTlift kits. You will get the best quality lifting solution for your Subaru Outback.

Besides that, It is trendy among all Subaru Outback users. The technology used for the Cross Treck, the Ready LIFT, produces the same quality lifting kits for Sabura.

You don’t need any modification for these lift kits. It ensures the best feedback from your suspensions.

Features & Benefits

Easy Installment

The ReadyLIFT company believes in “do it yourself” methods. So, they created lift kits that people can install easily on their Subaru themselves.

So, the installment system is very easy to implement. You have just to read the manuals of the kits carefully and need to implement them perfectly. That’s okay to install the lift kits for your Sabura.

No Modification Needed

You don’t need any modification for your lift kits. You need just half the time of the other companies’ kits.

A durable and excellent powder coat finish improves the lift kit’s overall quality.

Other Combination

The company also provides front and rear sway bars. The bars ensure the best quality suspension performance.


  • No need for any permanent modifications.
  • Effortless installment feature.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Increasing the ground clearance.
  • Highest standard materials.


  • It may exhibit low speed.

We recommend the ReadyLIFT 2015-2019 SST Subaru Lift Kit for the best quality material made. Also, they are easy to install and the best overall.

Takeo Front Lift Kit For Subaru Outback  Image

Takeo Front Lift Kit For Subaru Outback

★★★★★ (4.4)

  • Contents: lift spacers of front strut suspension.
  • Fitment: Fits for Subaru Outback.
  • Installation time: 3-4 hours.
  • Manufacturer: Takeo Engineering.
  • Weight: 20 pounds.

Price Tested: $145.99 USD

Do you want the best lift kit for Subaru Outback? Then we will suggest the Takeo Engineering Front Lift Kit Fits For Subaru Outback 2015-2019.

You will get all kinds of nuts and bolts are included with the lift kit sets. However, the materials of the lift kits are perfect and strong.

If you want to get the best quality riding experience on any road, you can rely on the Takeo Engineering Lift Kits. The design of the kits is unique and compelling.

Features & Benefits

Durable Kits

You will get two front strut suspensions for lifting spacers. Moreover, two rear coil spring lift spacers, four pieces of relocation brackets of the sway bars are attached with the package. All these kits are very durable!

Installment Feature

You don’t need any other help for installment for your lift kits. The installment is straightforward as a piece of cake. It would help if you had a 3-4 hours job to install.

Other Feature

You will find that the lift kits have unique looks and individuals features like proper height clearance. And the support is run up to 245/65-17 tire on a 17×8 wheel.


  • Very easy to install.
  • Fitment for the Sabura Outback.
  • Content with other important pars also.
  • Lightweight and great featured.
  • Goodlooking and unique.


  • Strictly follow the user manual.

We recommend the Takeo Engineering Front Lift Kit for the best quality lift kits. Also, there is another reason that it is easy to install and use.

ReadyLift Front & Rear SST Lift Kit Image

ReadyLift Front & Rear SST Lift Kit

★★★★★ (4.7)

  • Product Dimension: ‎14 x 11 x 3 inches.
  • Weight: ‎20 pounds.
  • SST: Lift kit 2.0.
  • Durability: High.
  • Manufacturer: ReadyLIFT.

Price Tested: $335.72 USD

ReadyLift Front & Rear SST Lift Kit is one of the best Subaru Outback lift kits 2021. If you love to get consistent performance, then ReadyLIFT is the right choice for you.

You will find that the lift kits match your lifestyle and that kits will give you the right path for the perfect riding. Your suspension will get wing, and you feel your Subaru is flying on any road.

Features & Benefits

Great Lifting Solution

You will get a great gifting solution for your Subaru Outback. The technology of making the lift kits is top-notch. The perfect and smart technologies are used for lifting your Subaru.

High-Quality Materials Made

The ReadyLIFT always makes sure that the materials of the lift kits are the best because you know that the lift kits bear a massive amount of importance to your Subaru.


Who doesn’t want to use a stylish device for their stylish Subaru? The ReadyLIFT always tries to give the customers the perfect solution for looking and style.

If you want to buy the best quality lift kits at a reasonable price, then the ReadyLIFT lifting kits are reliable.

Salangid Lift Kit For Subaru 2018-2019 Image

Salangid Lift Kit For Subaru 2018-2019

★★★★★ (4.6)

  • Product Dimension: ‎15 x 14.5 x 5 inches.
  • Weight: ‎‎18.66 pounds.
  • Compatibility: For 18-19 Subaru Crosstrek.
  • Ground Clearance:12″.
  • Manufacturer: Salangid.

Price Tested: $179.99 USD

Do you need an easy outback lift kit install process? Then, you should buy the Salangid Lift Kit, Compatible With the Subaru version of 2018-2019.

These kits are premium. With the most effortless installment process, the kit sets are stylish and robust.

You know that the lift kits get much weight for your heavy Subaru. It is essential to be strong and made with the best materials.


Best Materials Made

When you are riding on terrain roads or the shay roads, your Subaru needs a decent lifting kit.

You can fully trust on Salangid Lift Kit. The best quality materials are made to bear all the support of the suspensions.

Easy Installment

The easy installment process will make you tension-free. In fact, Zero money on installments.

You will find a user manual. You have to read that carefully and have to do those steps carefully.

Other Features

This kit is auto adjustable with a limited edition of headlights.



  • Compatible with the Subaru Crosstrek.
  • Only bolts are needed for install.
  • Compatible with the headlights.
  • Simple and strong.
  • Stylish and effective.


  • Strictly follow the user manual to install.

For easy use and install the Salangid Lift Kit is the best. Moreover, the top-notch materials and the compatible feature bring the lift kits top of the list.

Protune Subaru Outback 2015-2020 Lift Kit Fits Image

Protune Subaru Outback 2015-2020 Lift Kit Fits

  • Manufacturer: Protune.
  • Brand: ‎Protune Suspension.
  • Compatibility: Subaru Outback 2015-2020.
  • Materials: heavy duty.
  • Content: 3 kinds of devices.

Price Tested: $119.99 USD

If you want to buy premium Suspension lift kits for the beginner Subaru Outback user, then you are in the right place. It will help if you try the Protune Subaru Outback 2015-2020 Lift Kit.

The uniqueness is vital for the best quality of lifting kits. Do you remember why lifting is essential? Then, you can choose the Protune for lift kits undoubtedly.



The lift kits are compatible with the Subaru Outback. You will get more different compatibility with the new technology that is made for the lift kits.


You will get front spacers, two sway bar relocations, rear spacers, two sway bar relocations, and a brown box.

Heavy Duty

Solid steel is used for the lift kits. The solid steel is coated with a ¼” powder coating.


  • Tire recommendation for 245/65-17.
  • Different contents for the best outcome.
  • Simple and stylish.
  • Best for any kind of road conditions.
  • Easy installment.


  • Careful installment needed.
  • Low Durability for offroad conditions

You will be amazed to have these lift kits for an enjoyable installment process, modern and robust materials.

Our Subaru Outback Lift Kit Recommendation

Finally, we can say that Subaru outback suspension lift kits are essential gadgets for your Subaru Outback. And after reading the whole article, we hope you can choose the best quality lift kits from our top 5 picks.

If you still can’t, we will suggest the ReadyLIFT 2015-2019 SST Subaru Lift Kit. It is the overall best lifting kit among the 5 top picks.

Frequently Asked Questions About Subaru Outback Lift Kits

Is It Worth Buying Lifting Kits For Subaru Outback?

Did you ever lift a Subaru Outback? Did you feel that your lifting kit is not giving you the best effort to raise? You need a lift kit immediately!

Buying the best quality lifting kits for Subaru Outback is a worthful job. This kind of lift kit is made according to the Subaru style. They know how much weight and angle the kits need for lifting. So, the gears won’t give you any headache for lifting.
You will get better performance from the suspension to use these kinds of lift kits. These give you the go-anywhere comfort for the Subaru Outback. For the off-roader, the lift kits can be the best extension for their Subaru Outback.

The lift kits help to protect the other vital parts. On terrain or the sharp surface, these kits cover the Subaru Outback. On the off-road, you can get a better suspension. Enjoy the more comfortable riding with the lift kits.

Does lifting your Subaru void the warranty?

No, lifting your Subaru does not void your warranty. But any relating warranty you cannot get any solutions.

Does Subaru make a lift kit?

No, Subaru does not make a lift kit. But you have to buy individually from any other lift kit made companies.

Is the Subaru Outback a good car?

If you want to buy a good wagon, then Subaru Outback is one of them. You will find lots of cargo spaces for stretching out in every row.

Can you offroad in a Subaru Outback?

Any terrain you can conquer with the Sabura Outback. Because you will get a ground clearance of 8.7 inches, Subaru Outback is the perfect vehicle for the off-road.

Is stiff suspension suitable for off-road?

Answer: Yes, Stiff suspension is suitable for off-road. You feel comfortable at the higher speed and bumpy terrain with the stiff suspension.

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