Should You Get an Overland Trailer

If you have ever considered getting an overland trailer then believe us when we tell you, you are in the perfect place! From the pros and cons vs vehicle overlanding, to the differences of an overland trailer vs a pop-up tent trailer, we have everything you need to know wrapped up into this one article for you. After you read this through there will be no doubt in your mind about whether you should get an overland trailer or not.

Pros/Cons vs Vehicle Overlanding

One of the first pros about having an overland trailer is the freedom that you gain with it. By this we mean that at any time you can simply remove the trailer or leave it at home and you are free to go. With vehicle overlanding this option is not that simple as it takes a lot of work to take that on and off of your vehicle.

Now another pro is simply the organization of the trailer as it will likely be much more organized than any other storage on your vehicle. It will also likely contain more storage than your vehicle can do either.

Of course not everything is perfect with getting an overland trailer, as maneuverability of your vehicle takes a hit whenever you attach a trailer to the back of it. Whether you are going on a four wheel drive road to get to your destination or even trying to make a lane change on the highway these trailers can get in the way. With vehicle overlanding, everything is already built into your vehicle so there is nothing extra to worry about there.


Buying New vs Used

This is a common question for almost anything, but it is still important to discuss when making a large purchase such as an overland trailer. First off, you must know your budget before looking up anything as that will likely change which option is best for you. Either way once your budget is set you then need to research exactly what type of overland trailer you want or what you want included in the trailer.

The biggest difference with new vs used will be the cost of the trailer first of all. Just like cars, used trailers are cheaper than new trailers on average when comparing the same model. Although the main difference is the condition that the trailers are in. So if you are buying a used trailer understand that some of the storage might be messed up, or maybe the tires are not as nice as a new trailer.

You are also going to have to be very careful when you are looking over the trailer to ensure that they are not trying to hide any damage from you. Generally speaking whenever you are buying a new trailer there should not be any damage and if so you can return the trailer. However when you buy it used you get what you get, so make sure you are getting a trailer that will work and last you a long time. At the end of the day there are many things to consider when answering the question buying new vs used, and ultimately the decision lies in your hands.



Build vs Buy

Maybe you have been looking around on the market for an overland trailer but nothing is really catching your eye. Well you could build one instead of buy one which makes things a bit more fun. It typically also makes things cheaper and you know for certain what you are getting and the quality of the trailer. Everything is really in your hands when you are building something, but it is not for everyone.

If you have some experience with this kind of work then it is certainly something to consider, but we wouldn’t recommend it to the average person. Yes you will most likely pay more for one you are buying, but when you consider the time that you put into building it instead, it roughly evens out. You can also count on the trailer being a good one rather than crossing your fingers that you put everything together properly. For these reasons we typically recommend buying an overland trailer rather than building one by yourself.


Overland Trailer vs Pop-up Tent Trailer

One of the biggest and most obvious differences between these two types of trailers is the size difference between the two. The pop-up tent trailer gives you much more room to wiggle your legs at night, but it typically also takes up more size as a trailer as well. It also takes away room for storage since most of it is the tent piece, so that is something to consider if you don’t have any other room inside your vehicle.This means that the overland trailer is much more of the minimalist option and keeps things short and to the point.

Now one thing that the overland trailer has a step up on its counterpart is the fact that overland trailers tend to be able to go off road much better. A pop-up tent trailer is really designed to be for weekend excursions to campsites for people just looking to get out of the city. While on the other hand an overland trailer is really for people looking to get outside and off the road. So whenever you are making this decision it really relies on where you see yourself pulling this trailer and the destinations that you want to visit.

We are a little biased, but we highly recommend that you do get an overland trailer! They can really be a lot of fun and give you that extra freedom like we mentioned earlier. You can practically take them anywhere, as long as you are a safe driver of course. Whether you want to buy a new or used overland trailer is up to you, but we do recommend buying one rather than building one on your own. Go out and get an overland trailer today!