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Our Top Camping Shower Picks

Image of Nemo Helio Portable Camp Shower ► Versatile and user-friendly option Nemo Helio Portable Camp Shower
Image of KIPIDA Solar Shower Bag ► The Best Camp Shower for a Family KIPIDA Solar Shower Bag
Image of Risepro Solar Shower Bag ► Best Value Risepro Solar Shower Bag
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If you like to play rough on your camping trips, taking a portable shower isn’t a bad idea, mainly if there isn’t a shower block available or a nearby lake for a quick dip. There is nothing quite like a good refreshing shower after a day or days of animated adventure, whether you are hiking 4 miles out to your favorite lake or a 1,000-mile journey through the wilderness. Unfortunately, the last time we looked, there weren’t many shower blocks out in the wilderness, which is where the best experiences seem to take place.

However, before you decide to buy a camping shower, you need to equip yourself with the essential information to make an informed selection. After all, there are several considerations to remember, and we researched more than 20 models available in 2021 before reviewing the 5 best outdoor camping showers.

What to Consider in the Best Portable Shower for Outdoor Use

Each solar shower is subtly different from the next due to a combination of features and conditions. Here are some examples for your consideration:
Size of the shower: First, decide what size you want. The size of your group, storage space, and individual carrying capacity would all play a role in this. For, e.g., if a group of young teens tries to take a solar shower camping, they would not be able to transport 10 gallons of water. Fortunately, a wide range of showers is available. There is a model out there for you, no matter how much weight you can bear.


The majority of the items in our guide have a built-in heating feature. Of course, the most obvious benefit of having an internal heating system is the ability to take a hot shower, particularly if you’re camping and waking up to a cold and chilly morning.


Pressure is an important reason so many people depend on camping showers. It is responsible for forcing all the shampoo suds from your hair, dog hair, or even cloth, resulting in the clean you want. Pressure can vary depending on the quality of the pump and the type of showerhead. Many models have multiple flow settings, giving you a little more flexibility.


Although these portable camping showers are primarily inexpensive, every dollar counts when you’re on a tight budget. Besides, no matter what the budget is, making sure you get the best price is a wise decision.

Water Available:

While a long warm shower after a day on the trail sounds appealing, consider how much water you are carrying on your adventure. The size of your shower bag should be considered based on water availability. If you don’t have access to running water, consider carrying additional water on your rig.

Shower Location

Many pop-up shower and privacy tents can support a camp shower with access through the roof, but the size is a consideration. You don’t want to buy a shower to find out it won’t work with your tent or vice versa.

What are the Best Mobile Camping Showers In 2021?

Here are our honest thoughts on 5 of the best affordable portable camping showers to help you make a winning decision. As a result, your camping trips can be taken to a whole new level.

Our Favorite Camping Showers of 2024!

Nemo Helio Portable Camp Shower Image

Nemo Helio Portable Camp Shower

★★★★★ (4.8)

Nemo Helio Pressure Shower is a favorite among camp-goers or anyone looking for a good upgrade in usability over gravity camp showers that need lifting and hanging to use. The Helio showers carry 2.9 or 5.8 gallons of water, which is pressure by an adjustable, convenient foot pump and a long hose with a quick and straightforward sprayer nozzle—the Nemo Helio provides one of the most prolonged showers than any other that we review.

The Helio is a simple shower to set up; just pump it a few times with its built-in foot to pressurize it. It produces plenty of pressure with minimum pumping and maintains a constant flow for an extended period after being pumped to pressure. However, you’ll not get in-house water pressure, and we discovered that the shower would run for minutes at a time but will require you to pump it a few times to keep the water running. Nonetheless, it performs an excellent job of removing all the shampoo suds from your hair, dog hair, or even cloth.

This portable camp shower is made of polyurethane-coated polyester and comes with a 7-foot neoprene hose and a nozzle similar to a kitchen sink sprayer. Taller campers won’t have to hunch over to take a shower, thanks to the 7-foot hose. It’s also not the simplest to fill; nevertheless, the list of things you can easily clean with this shower is nearly unlimited, and the price is far lower than most high-end portable camping showers.


  • Good pressure
  • Durable
  • Highly versatile and packable
  • Water lasts a long time


  • Small opening
  • No internal heating element
KIPIDA Solar Shower Bag Image

KIPIDA Solar Shower Bag

★★★★★ (4.5)

For the ultimate backpacking and camping trip, or Overlanding adventure, the Kipida brings this impressive portable camping shower with a “heat-absorbing design.” The solar shower similarly can heat the water faster within three hours to 45-degrees than other similar products. The bag can hold up to 5-20 gallons of water for an unending outdoor showering experience—you can take multiple short showers anytime.

The KIPIDA Solar Shower Bag offers a constant shower stream, and it can be adjusted on the showerhead to save water. However, to have good pressure, it needs to be high up. Its large knob allows for easy on/off operation. It’s also simple to fill, and when filled, it has plenty of water to soap up and rinse off. It’s intense when complete, so the strengthened handle is helpful.

Excellent quality, excellent material, heavy-duty, and the lining of the bag seems to be good. This KIPIDA Solar Shower Bag includes a thermometer, a fastener loop for the nozzle, and a mesh pocket for soap and other shower needs. It also has a convenient strap for holding or hanging it. On the other side, the nozzle is made of thin plastic with a cheap feel. However, It is an excellent solar shower pack with good features but at an affordable price.


  • It got warm quickly and easily
  • The bag is thick and solid
  • Can easily get 2-3 full showers
  • Built-in thermometer


  • The hose is a bit short
  • Some complaint of smells of plastic
Risepro Solar Shower Bag Image

Risepro Solar Shower Bag

★★★★★ (4.3)

The Risepro outdoor camping shower is an excellent value-for-bucks that’s lightweight enough to take on a casual family trip or camping adventure. It’s big enough to accommodate couples, allowing them to shower one after the other without having to constantly refill the bag. This Risepro solar shower bag is a budget-friendly alternative but aims to do the same thing as most expensive options.

It has a massive 10-gallon capacity, but on a hot day in direct sunlight, it can efficiently absorb solar energy at comfortable temperatures of up to 100°F in about 3-hours. Be mindful that 10-gallons of water is very large, but Rispero has taken this into account and added several PVC layers to absorb heat, insulate it, and strengthen it against leaks.

The bag’s materials are obviously less expensive, and it can rip if you get it wrong. Water has also been known to leak from the showerhead and the bag-to-nozzle connector. Ensure to check the connector before using it for the first time. However, it offers very user-friendly, efficient, and robust control of water flow. It has an intuitive knob on the showerhead to adjust the water flow and a temperature indicator to prevent scalds.


  • Huge 10-gallon water capacity
  • Lightweight and packable
  • Environmentally friendly


  • Cheaply made
  • The hook can’t be used when completely full
VIGLT Portable Shower Bag Image

VIGLT Portable Shower Bag

★★★★★ (4.4)

VIGLT is the everyone brand for a low-cost portable camping shower, and this VIGLT Solar Shower is compact but mighty and inexpensive. Useful? The VIGLT does not look to be any different. It’s a decent shower at a reasonable price. Sure, there are better showers of this size online, but they are more expensive, And despite its thin plastic, it’s durable enough and eco-friendly.

This VIGLT shower bag has a total capacity of 5 gallons of water and an easy-to-use nozzle with an on/off shower head. There is a handle that snaps on and off for easier access, and it is made of solid, double-strength plastic that prevents leaking or breakage. The hanging straps make it easier to hang from a branch or a pipe while showering—a significant advantage of this VIGLT solar water warmer.

It works in cool climates. They warm up surprisingly well, and you’d enjoyed some warm showers in a camp where it was cloudy and hazy due to forest fires during the day and freezing every night. Like the KIPIDA shower, it has pockets for your soaps and shampoos, which can come in handy when packing to keep everything together.


  • Very easy and compact to store
  • lightweight and highly portable
  • Detachable hose
  • Absorb heat and retain it


  • The nozzle might leak a bit
  • Quite challenging to insert the handle cable.
Shower Toga – Anywhere Shower Curtain Image

Shower Toga – Anywhere Shower Curtain

★★★★★ (4.4)

If you are self-conscious, sense others are staring at you while showering, or just happen to drop the towel, the Shower Toga has changed all of that. It’s a must-have for any outdoor racing, beach trips, camping, festivals, or other trips that include public changing and showering. The Shower Toga does an excellent job of providing total privacy whenever you choose to shower in public, which is why it is so common today.

The Shower Toga helps you shower discreetly, change into clean clothes, and then turn them into a bag to transport your dirty clothes. You can change right there, no need for a shower. It also serves as a mudguard for your car. They are lightweight (5 ounces), waterproof, and have outer pockets and access to the pants pockets if you wish to use them as a rain kilt.

This is a fantastic concept. If you want to wash in the public shower, then throw one of these on, change out of your bathing suit into clean clothes, and not have to think about your towel inadvertently slipping off and flashing anyone.


  • One Size Fits All
  • High-quality nylon
  •  Converts into a bag for dirty clothes
  • An excellent way to clean up in public


  • Nothing to mention for now

Our Camping Shower Recommendation

Our Recommendation

To find the best camping shower, we combed through scores of specialist outlets and hundreds of user feedback. To measure our total expert score, we take scores from reputable outlets and translate them to a 100-point scale to help you compare the best choices. Our consumer score reflects the proportion of people who purchased the product and gave it at least four out of five stars on retail platforms.

We research shower functionality in the great outdoors, measuring flow speeds, spray coverage, and wait time for hot water. We’ve found the best camping shower for your needs and your budget, from ones that hang on your roof rack to ones you can fit in your backpack. However, the Nemo Helio Portable Camp Shower is our top pick for the best solar showers. It is, indeed, versatile in nature, reasonably priced, and performs as advertised. It also has a large volume of 5 gallons.

Benefits of Camping Shower

Cleanliness isn’t the only advantage of a camping shower bag, but it’s a big one. It is necessary to keep your skin clean while you are camping for many days. Anything sinks into the skin, from smoke to gravel to bug spray. A brief time without showering isn’t a huge deal, but the longer you go without showering, the greater the chance of infection and discomfort.

The convenience of a shower is worth mentioning; nothing beats a pressurized blast of water to hold your morale up while spending time outdoors.

Frequently Asked Questions About Camping Showers

How do you dry a camping solar shower bag?

To begin, clean the shower bag with a small amount of baking powder. Furthermore, to dry it, press all of the water out and hang the shower bag upside down with a hanger and allow it to air dry. You may also use a hairdryer to dry the shower. Just be careful not to crank the heat on too high.

How to speed up the heating process of a solar shower?

On a hot day, the water heats up quickly because it is under direct sunshine. Any temperature above 50°F is sufficient to steadily heat the solar shower.

How can you cool down the water in a camping shower?

It’s easy! Add a cup of cold water at a time before the desired temperature is reached.
Similarly, if the water hasn’t reached the ideal temperature, you can add some hot water from the kettle to heat it up.

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